Decay: The Remnants of Earth

Getting Down to Business
October 2, 2007, 2:30 pm
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Cold Hard Steel

“The stims’ all locked up in a container in my bag, no way to cut it open without breaking everything. Gotta be careful too.” Mason says, trying to lead the mutie to believe he’s about to score some dope.

Bluff Check: 5+5=10. Failure!

“Bullshit! Just give me your bag, asshole!” specks of yellow-ish saliva fly out of the sputtering mouth of the mutant thug and land on Mason’s shoulder. He struggles not to shudder.

“Yeah, sure, it’s all yours boss.” Mason says with a friendly smile as removes the pack from his shoulder.

The man grabs the bag and backs up slowly. He keeps the blade pointed at Mason, a paranoid yet slightly excited look on his face.

“Like I said, the shit’s all locked up,” Mason tries to pass his bluff through determination, “the key though…”

The mutie quirks a brow and peeks into the bag as curiosity gets the best of him.

“…is right here.”

The mutie hits the ground in a heap.

Opportunity is Knockin’

Gunshots echo from outside the bar, nearly blending in with the loud music that floods Vector’s.

“A private room?” DeAngelo questions Kaphred’s comment before taking a few puffs off of the pungent cigar. “I don’t think that will be necessary. We’re among family. Just have a seat.” he grins slightly.

The crew reluctantly slides into the booth with the strange man. By now the booth has filled up with thick cigar smoke, prompting Kaphred to attempt to hold his breath. All three squint slightly in reaction to the stinging smoke coming in contact with their eyes.

“As you’ve probably guessed, I am DeAngelo. They call me a “Fixer.” I’m the middleman. I find the work, hire the crew, and make sure both parties fulfill their end of the bargain.” the scarred figure in the shadows continues, “You are the crew. Well, not yet. But you will be. We’ll make sure of that.”

Kaphred attempts to casually cover his nose, the waves of smoke emanating from the nostrils of DeAngelo becoming more and more voluminous as the conversation goes on. Tank and Ako continue to swig their drinks, trying to ignore the toxic gas and instead focus on what’s being said.

“Here’s how it works. An employer comes to me looking for a Wolf Pack. You’ll never see the employer, you’ll never speak to the employer, you’ll never even know the employers name. If you have questions or need to talk to someone in regards to a job, you’ll talk to me. Need some equipment or gear, talk to me. Bottom line is, I’m your contact so keep your bloody noses out of the business of the man who’s writing your pay check. Any questions before we continue?”

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Satisfied with the red oozing out of his former aggressor from a point blank high calibur meeting gone wrong, Mason blows the smoke coming out of one of his guns and places it back into it’s holster in his jacket. He takes off the bandana around his neck and wipes off the disgusting yellow phlegm that had landed on his jacket. He tucks it into one of the pockets stitched into the leg of his cargos.

With a gun kept with it’s hammer pulled back to the mutant swine, Mason kicks the mutant over and goes to grab his bag and LinkDeck back. He tucks the ‘deck into the cargo pocket assigned to the other leg of his pants.

Mason examines the fresh blood content of his postage bag, and looks inside his bag to see if anything got damaged in this exchange.

For good measure, he kicks the mutant in the face again, slings the bag back over his shoulder, and pulls out his flashlight, continuing to look inside the warehouse for help. He shouts out his presense in a more friendly tone of voice to see if anyone is there and everyone is okay, then flashes the room with more light from his torch.

Comment by Mr Meth

A gunshot from outside! Tank tries to pinpoint the direction and potential distance with his Cat’s Hearing just in case. In the end no one else seems concerned so back to trying to listen…

Tank thinking to himself and not paying much attention to what DeAnfgelo is saying, focusing on non-physical stuff can be hard for him,….Why do bosses always want to lay out how you should ask no questions? I mean who ever cares? Just ask me to do it, I’ll say yes or no.

Man the smart guy really seems bugged by the smoke. Sure it stings the eyes a bit but heck that’s the smell of success baby. I wonder if I can get one of those. I never tried tobacco. Man you cringe around Vigo your just askin’ for it. This DeAngelo doesn’t seem so bad. Vigo would already be into how he’ll torture you, your dog and your dog’s breakfast if you screw up. Eat me Vigo, you’ll get yours. This could be good.

And why does all Bosses need to talk so loud, I mean they all do. When they whisper they seem to think folks can’t hear them, never fooled me. Thinking of which, I should listen around a bit to see if I can hear anything good. (roll?)

Oh Crap! I always do this. He asked a question, what to say, ummmm, something non-committal: say “Right,” just be big and dumb, big and dumb, that’s what Mark would say.

Comment by Second Variety

Kaphred’s eyes water with the effort to keep his breath held for so long.

DeAngelo’s offer seemed pretty standard for this line of work. He hadn’t gotten to the important bit yet, of course. Kaphred hopes that someone else will ask about renumeration… and quickly!

(He’s running out of air.)

Comment by K-Slacker

With a loud gasp, Kaphred finally gives up and takes a deep breath.

“Of course, we need to discuss the contract terms. Particularly our fee for services. I assume that you were getting to this next?”

(He was trying to sound like a cool professional, but his voice squeaked at the end there. Kaphred just wants to get out of this booth, but he’s not willing to be intimidated when the topic of money comes up.)

Comment by K-Slacker

Tank’s glad the smart guys on top of this. Time to back him up. “Yeah, what’s the job and creds?”

Comment by second variety

{Haven’t got a response from Ako, but it’s been four days since the last post so I’m going to move it along.}

Comment by Sentience


Comment by aneurysmd

sorry about no responce…
I didnt have any questions

Comment by aneurysmd

No worries.

Comment by Sentience

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