Decay: The Remnants of Earth

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October 16, 2007, 8:47 pm
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All There Is To It

DeAngelo glances at each of the mercenaries and, satisfied that they’ve come to an agreement, nods and plucks the cigar from his mouth.

“Big Norm will be expecting you tomorrow morning, just before sunrise. Be sure you’re on time – if there’s anyone less patient then me, it’s Norman.” DeAngelo grins and stuffs the burning stogie into a make-shift ashtray fashioned from the cranial bone of some unfortunate animal. “You can find his yard on the eastern outskirts of The Den, where the wall meets the cliffside.”

DeAngelo pauses to ensure that everything has sunk in before waving over a rather burly looking man in scrap armor. “Trig, see these fine people to the door. I think we’re all set here. Oh…and get me my telecom. I need to make a phone call.”

With that, the tall man in tattered metal armor escorts the three mercenaries to the door.  

You received a job from DeAngelo. The next step is to get some rest, and report to Big Norm’s motor yard the following day before dawn. If anyone has any questions for DeAngelo, now is the time to ask them.

A Change of Heart

Mason looks to his Telecom for answers. As he dials out, the process is interupted by an irritatingly loud, digital tone and a flashing yellow light. An incoming call…

Mason taps on the touch-screen button for ‘Answer’.

“Mr. Meth.” he says simply.

“Mason…I’ve changed my mind. I’ve got some work you might be interested in. It might not be your cup of tea, but at least you might be able to make some money. What do you say?” the gnarled, raspy voice of DeAngelo asks.

After offering DeAngelo some dope, he turned you down. But he’s now calling to see if you’re interested in a bit of work. It might not be a bad idea to diversify your resume.

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The first thing that Kaphred does is to take a gasp of the (marginally) cleaner bar air.

Kaphred is pretty satisfied with the arrangement, though he’ll reserve final judgement until he sees the vehicle.

His biggest concern now is finding a place for the night that isn’t disease-infested…

Comment by k-slacker (blackberry)

Mr.Meth” he says simply. The timing catches him off guard.

Mason… I’ve changed my mind. I’ve got some work you might be interested in. It might not be your cup of tea, but at least you might be able to make some money. What do you say?

Let’s talk.” Mason replies. “I just stepped out to take care of some business… Get me a stiff drink ready – I’ll be right there.

Meth taps the touch screen command for ‘End’ and makes his way back to Vector’s. Right before pushing the door open he notices the mutant blood still on his bag.. There’s probably splatter all over him as well. Over half a dozen bullets from high calibur handguns at a close range tends to do that to a guy.

Mr. Meth smiles as he steps in and lowers his shades down just enough to see overtop of them and glances over where DeAngelo’s still sitting. He had the feeling that DeAngelo was the type of guy who saw life as a commedity that could be traded for the right price.

Comment by Mr Meth

Ako says a good deal, now some rest and we shall check out the wheels in the morning. As she takes the last swig of the dark liquid in her mug.

Comment by aneurysmd

“Sounds good.”

Tank follows the others out of Vector’s, wandering in the general direction of the cliff. When a distance from the bar he whispers:

“Maybe we should check out Big Norm’s yard before tomorrow. Just to get a lay of the place. In case something goes wrong. And so we can find it tomorrow morning.”

We better get that up-front money tomorrow so I can gets’ some eats.

Comment by Second Variety

Tank’s suggestion is excellent; Kaphred is a bit embarrassed that with his concern about the night’s lodging that the idea didn’t even occur to him.

Comment by K-Slacker

{Hey guys. I’m out of town on business till Saturday. I won’t have time to make a full post till then. Good news is, after I get back from this trip, i don’t have to go anywhere until December!}

Comment by Sentience

OOC: Appreciate the head’s up.

Comment by Mr Meth

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